Upcoming Events

  • February 23-24 | AKC Trial | Manhattan, IL
  • April 6-7 | USDAA Trial | Indianapolis, IN (Pending)
  • April 20-21 | AKC Trial | Merrillville, IN
  • June 6-9 | UAD | Nashville, TN (Pending)
  • June 28-30 | DockDogs | McHenry, MD (Pending)

Current Accomplishments

  • AKC Agility - OA OAJ OF | 1 Excellent FAST leg, 2 Excellent A JWW legs, 2 Excellent A Standard legs
  • Dock Dogs Big Air PB - 25' - obtained in Vail, CO 06/10
  • Dock Dogs EV PB - 7' - obtained in Stillwater, MN 07/08
  • Dock Dogs (Indoor) EV - 6'10'' - obtained in Katy, TX 09/08
  • DockDogs SR PB - 5.518 - obtained in Stillwater, MN 07/09
  • Dock Dogs Top Gun Title (EV) - obtained in Rockford, IL 08/08
  • Dock Dogs - Elite Jumper Title - obtained in Vail, CO 06/2010
  • Invited to and Participated at 2010 World Championships in Iron Dog and Speed Retrieve
  • 1 of 16 Teams Invited to 2009 DockDogs World Championships (ID)
  • 3rd Place at 2009 DockDogs World Championships for Iron Dog
  • 1 of 18 Teams Invited to 2009 DockDogs World Championships (SR)
  • 1 of 16 Teams Invited to 2008 DockDogs World Championships (EV)
  • DockDogs - 1 leg towards Super Elite title
  • NADAC Agility - NAC | 2 Novice Jumper legs, 2 Novice T'nGo legs, 1 Novice Tunnelers leg, 1 Novice Weavers leg

Thursday, March 11, 2010

It's Been Awhile!

We've been keeping super busy with traveling for work with DockDogs, so I have been bad about updating. Tractor has got to do some demos at events, but we haven't really got to "compete" this year yet. That's okay, him and Kali are living up the life on the road. Lots of new smells, new things to do and new people. We ARE though going to trial for one day in early April, when we actually have a weekend off at HOME, so I'll be sure to update. Our last trial was in February about an hour south of Vegas, and although he didn't Q, he had a beautiful JWW run (in Excellent!). His standard run was a mess, but couldn't blame him with not training at all and it being so nice out on a spring day. I am looking forward to a couple private lessons in the next few weeks, then that trial, so I'll be sure to update.. whenever I get online after that trial!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Finally Ready To Play With The Big Boys!

Yep! This last weekend, Tractor officially moved out of Open and is now in Excellent across the board. I was only able to run him on Thursday and Friday, but he had gorgeous runs both days. Kept his focus and was just a very good boy. His handler on the other hand.. well, let's just say I'm the one who needs to get back to class/training! Yesterday, Whitney ran him in his first Excellent JWW course as well as an Excellent Std course and he Q'ed in both!!! (Thanks Whit for taking him.. I'm sure he had a blast!)

Next up is a NADAC trial - next weekend in Kansas with our friends Cesily and Charley. After that, we'll be taking a couple weeks off at home before we hit the road again traveling for work! I'm very excited to see what 2010 has in store for us.. going to be hard to top 2009 for sure.

I'll upload videos soon!